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Isu 1MDB Panas

ISU 1MDB, bukan sahaja dihangatkan Pembangkang seperti Tony Pua dan Rafizi Ramli, tetapi turut diwar-warkan oleh Mantan Perdana Menteri Tun Dr Mahathir. 

Blogger A Kadir Jasin dan beberapa blogger "bangang" sudah mula memanaskan isu itu.

Seorang Timbalan Ketua Bahagian Umno daripada Pulau Pinang bergelar Dato membuat laporan terhadap syarikat milik kerajaan itu.

Isu 1MDB 1000 kali ganda panas berbanding isu NFC. 


1 Response to "Isu 1MDB Panas"

Anonymous said...

During the 'Great Depression' Hitler grabbed the opportunity to blame the Jews for the predicament of Germany, during the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis , Mahathir took the opportunity to pin the blame on Anwar, now with the depressing oil price situation, Mahathir will spring to action and blame Najib with the sole aim of getting his son Mukriz as the next PM. This is the game plan of Mahathir, the fox which never sleeps. As long as Najib is able to maintain the price level of food stuffs, BR1M and dividend to EPF which directly relates to people , Mahathir will be fenced off. But this fox has unrelenting capabilities due to the massive funds accumulated during his tenure. Mahathir will use all available resources especially racism to checkmate Najib. It is best that Najib arrest Mahathir and his cronies before it is too late as all the liabilities of Malaysia todate is because of this old fox which had gone on a rampage on the financial system of the country commencing with the Early Morning Raid on the LSE. Mahathir is indeed the Mugabe of Malaysia. Both are surviving as they are evil right to their bone.

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