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PRU-13: Nak Tahu Fitnah-Fitnah Anwar- Sila BACA

1. Fitnah Blackout
Two DAP election candidates in Bentong have now stated that there was no power blackout in Bentong, contrary to postings on Facebook during polling day on Sunday. In addition, Tenaga Nasionalhad also denied that there was a power cut or power failure while counting was going on. Wong Tack, the environmental activist who sought election on the DAP ticket as MP for Bentong, made a Facebook posting today denying the alleged blackout. He wrote: “Dear all: There was no black-out in Bentong main counting center (Dewan Jubli Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah)

Ketari DAP assemblyman Lee Chin Chen said, “There was definitely no blackout
Anwar masih meneruskan dengan 505 Blackout Rally walaupun isu blackout telah dinafikan sendiri oleh 2 calon DAP di Bentong

2. Fitnah Bangla

- Serdang DAP MP Dr Ong Kian Ming now wants to personally meet Chua Lai Fatt and apologise to him and his family for the accusation.Chua, it turned out, is of Indian parentage but adopted by a Chinese family in Klang who gave him that name.When contacted by The Star, Chua declined to be interviewed.“I want to stay away from the media spotlight,” he said.Dr Ong had used first-time voter Chua as an example when he questioned the Election Commission on allegations that the Government had issued MyKads to foreigners on May 4, the eve of the general election.He has since made an apology in the Chinese media over the accusation.The Chinese papers quoted him as apologising to Chua for wrongly accusing him of being a foreign voter in GE13.“I found out why Chua has a Chinese name. I feel very sorry.“I apologise to Chua and his family members,” said the DAP representative, adding that he hoped to personally extend his apologies to the voter and his family.

-KUALA TERENGGANU: Seven men were roughed up during polling day at SK Ladang here after supporters of a political party accused the group of being “phantom voters” from Bangladesh.Police said three of them were held captive until the end of the polling period and were not able to cast their votes.The bullied group, of Indian ethnicity and locals, had studied at a university here previously and were registered voters in Kuala Terengganu. (Seven Malaysians Voters Assaulted After Being Accused As Foreigners)
- CEO Air Asia Tony Fernandez turut menafikan bahawa Air Asia membawa sebanyank 40 000 Bangla dari Sarawak ke Kuala Lumpur dan juga mencabar BERSIH Ambiga untuk menunjukkan bukti dan sehingga ke hari ini Ambiga tidak menjawab cabaran Tony Fernandez.

- AirAsia Group CEO Tan Sri Tony Fernandes has challenged Bersih co-chairman Datuk S. Ambiga to investigate whether they (AirAsia) had organized charter flights to cater for ‘phantom’ voters.Fernandes, in his Twitter, said for greater transparency, official representatives from Bersih and Pakatan Rakyat are welcomed to check on this issue.He said it is not an issue at all.In his tweet, he said: “No issue at all. Ambiga can come herself. RT @esKahn @tonyfernandes cool. for greater transparency, how about allowing official reps from Bersih and PR to check?”

3. Isu Popular Vote
- Sistem pilihan raya di Malaysia tidak berlandaskan kepada popular vote ( sistem sama yang juga diamalkan oleh Amerika Syarikat )

- Sistem pilihan raya dalam DAP sendiri juga tidak mengamalkan popular vote ( Lim Guan Eng tidak pernah mendapat ranking tertinggi daripada DAP top 25 voting system )

- Umno secured 29.3% or 3,241,286 popular votes and won 88 federal seats, leaving the second biggest party, the DAP far behind with 15.7% or 1,736,267 popular votes and 38 seats.

- In Terengganu, BN won 265,195 votes and Pakatan won 264,465 votes for state seats while in Kedah, BN won 447,198 votes while Pakatan won 440,701 votes for state seats.BN recorded significant wins in Sabah, Sarawak, Johor, Melaka, Negeri Sembilan, Pahang and Perlis.

- Pakatan Rakyat only won popular votes in Selangor , Perak , Penang , Kelantan and Kuala Lumpur

4. Pakatan Rakyat Sudah Menang
- Keputusan ini sendiri diumumkan oleh Anwar Ibrahim pada jam 7 petang dan keputusan rasmi diumumkan hanya pada jam sekitar 12.30 am ( Beza hampir 5 jam )

5. Dakwaan SPR/BN Campur Tangan Dalam Ballot Paper
-Before the ballot box is sealed, your agent needs to inspect the box to ensure that no ‘stuffed votes’ are already in the box. Only then can the ballot box be sealed, once it is confirmed that it is empty. You already know how many voters will be voting in your saluran or stream because you have the registered voters list. Let us say, for argument’s sake, 1,000 voters will be voting in your saluran.When the first voter comes in to vote, his/her identity card will be checked. Then his/her name will be announced loudly with the number on the list to confirm that he/she is a registered voter. You then cancel this name, which means this person has already voted and cannot vote again.At the end of the day, after polling has ended, you count how many names from the 1,000 turned up to vote. Let’s say 820 names have been cancelled. This means there should be 820 ballot papers in the ballot box.The ballot box is then sealed and you stay with the ballot box and do not take your eyes of it. If the ballot boxes are transferred to another place, say to the counting centre, you escort the ballot box and never take your eyes of it, even if a naked girl walks in to the room (or a jambu youth if you are gay). – Raja Petra

-The seal for the ballot box is then broken and the ballot papers are poured onto the table and counted (make sure no ballot papers are ‘stuck’ in the box). The number of ballot papers counted should come to 820. And if it shows a number other than 820, you fill in the form and file a complaint. Normally the number of ballot papers in the box would tally with the number of names on the list that have been cancelled — in this case 820. – Raja Petra

-After counting the ballot papers and confirming that the numbers are correct — meaning 820 — you then sort the ballot papers. Let’s say there are only two contestants — Barisan Nasional and DAP. All the Barisan Nasional ballots are put into one pile and the DAP ballots into another.As they sort the ballot papers one-by-one, they have to first show you whether they are Barisan Nasional or DAP ballots. Once you are satisfied and you nod in agreement, the ballot papers are placed into the correct pile, Barisan Nasional on one side and DAP on the other.Once all 820 ballot papers have been correctly sorted to your satisfaction — Barisan Nasional ballots on one side and DAP on the other — you then count the ballot papers in each pile. The sum total of the two piles must come to 820. – Raja Petra

-If the votes for Barisan Nasional come to 420 and, for DAP, 400 and you are not satisfied, you can demand a recount. If the recount is 419 for Barisan Nasional and 401 for DAP and you are still not satisfied, you can demand that they be counted yet again. Say the third count shows that it is again 420 for Barisan Nasional and 400 for DAP and this time you are satisfied, then this is the figure that is recorded on the form. This form is then signed by the SPR with the agents for all the candidates also counter-signing the form. You then demand a copy of this form for your records. That would be the final result. – Raja Petra

-So how can they cheat? The number of registered voters in your saluran is 1,000. This has been confirmed by your party HQ or the operations centre of your candidate. – Raja Petra

-The number of people who voted was 820. You confirmed this.The number of ballot papers in the ballot box is also 820. You confirmed this.The total votes for both candidates is 820. You confirmed this.They sorted out the ballot papers correctly. You saw this yourself.They counted both piles correctly. You saw this yourself.And the sum total for both piles comes to 820. You confirmed this.Hence Barisan Nasional won that particular salurn with 420 votes versus DAP’s 400 votes. All this was done in front of you with you as the witness.So, pray tell, how can they cheat as far as what happened in your saluran on Polling Day is concerned? – Raja Petra

6. Timbalan Presiden PKR Sendiri Menyuruh Anwar Menerima Keputusan PR 13 ( BN Menang )
- Azmin said the calls for reformasi should start with one whispering it within himself.“Gagal ke Putrajaya. Salah siapa ? Ikuti penjelasan dalam masa terdekat. (Failure to go to Putrajaya. Whose fault is it? Wait for the explanation soon),” said Azmin in another tweet.Azmin said the people were getting fed up with aggressive politics.“Accept the punishment. Acknowledge your weaknesses. Progress forward. “Accept the verdict of the people. Move forward while focusing on policies which benefit the people and not those which bully them.” – Azmin Ali

7. Presiden DAP Karpal Singh Mengiktiraf Keputusan Pilihan Raya 13
-While PKR leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim has every right to question the legitimacy of the 13th general election, DAP chairman Karpal Singh said his party was happy with its performance in the polls. Karpal also expressed satisfaction with DAP’s win of 38 parliamentary seats in the polls.“DAP has done very well, especially in Gelang Patah, where the win was unexpected,” he added. Karpal Singh

8. Setiausaha Kebangsaan PAS Mustaffa Ali Menghormati Keputusan Pilihan Raya
-Mustafa said PAS accepted that “you win some and lose some”. “The reality is that the government of the day is formed by the winning side. The election results are balanced’ and we accept the people’s verdict. – Mustafa Ali

9. Wartawan Antarabangsa Nile Bowie (columnist with Russia Today. He also contributes to PressTV, Global Research, and CounterPunch.)

- Any claims of fraud made by the opposition leader should be submitted to the courts with evidence, and non-partisan monitoring agencies (meaning organisations with no affiliation to Bersih) should be able to corroborate these claims.Articles from the Sarawak Report website and other less-than-objective sources are making their rounds on social media purporting to show evidence of fraud, however the content of these reports are politicised, speculative, reliant on half-truths and clearly not definitive.Grand allegations, especially made at politically opportune moments, need to be supported by concrete sources with definitive evidence. – Nile Bowie

-International monitors from Asean countries also monitored these polls, and they claimed that they were as good as they could be. Numerous reports from various monitoring agencies will be released in the coming days, which will provide a clearer picture of the situation.Needless to say, it was deeply misleading of Anwar Ibrahim to declare ‘victory’ over Twitter before any poll results were even announced.The hearsay and allegations of the opposition leader have prompted several Malaysian Indians to be physically attacked by voters and prevented from casting the ballots on the suspicion that they were Bangladeshi phantom voters; they filed police reports and were later vindicated. – Nile Bowie

- Malaysia Airlines has denied the opposition leader’s accusations, and Air Asia Group CEO Tony Fernandes has dismissed rumours that foreigners were flown into Malaysian to place dubious votes; Fernandes invited S Ambiga to review the flight manifests. – Nile Bowie

10. Amerika Syarikat Mengiktiraf Keputusan Pilhan Raya 13 ( BN Menang dan Kerajaan Yang Sah )
-WASHINGTON – The United States has recognized Malaysia’s election result, calling it the “most competitive” in the Southeast Asian nation’s history, despite opposition claims of irregularities in the vote.State Department spokesman Patrick Ventrell said the U.S. looked forward to working with the government to be formed by Prime Minister Najib Razak after his coalition returned to power after winning Sunday’s parliamentary elections with a diminished majority and despite losing the popular vote.

11. Wartawan Free Malaysia Today Lisa J. Ariffin Melaporkan Pakatan Rakyat Membayar Upah kepada Bangla

- This claim comes following numerous reports by Pakatan observers that foreigners – mostly from Bangladesh, Myanmar and Nepal – were seen queing up at polling stations across the country to cast votes.They also said that reports have been filed at the Election Commission (EC) and claimed the issue would be addressesed during the EC’s press conference later this evening.“Our parties have discovered PKR’s modus operandi in Kota Kemuning, Shah Alam and Pantai Dalam not too long ago. PKR had employed these foreigners, gave them ICs, sent them to polling stations and pretended to be caught to give them (PKR) credit,” blogger Afiq KLTown said on his Facebook page today.“The opposition are all desperate and cannot accept the fact that they will lose, and therefore had resorted to create this cheap propaganda,” he added.“The suspects are believed to have been trying to manipulate the election today by claiming the Bangladeshi’s were voting on behalf of BN,” he added.It was reported earlier today that a suspicious voter from Sabah was questioned by Pakatan Rakyat workers in Pandan, Selangor, when he attempted to claim money at their booth after voting.

12. Pemantau Antarabangsa Mengatakan Pilihan Raya 13 dianjurkan dengan Telus dan Bersih
- Independent international observers have lauded the handling of the 13th general election, calling it transparent, fair and well-organized.

Cambodian National Election Committee vice chairperson Dr Sin Chum Bo said the polling was secure, visible and fair, with observers able to oversee the process unhindered.

-Dr Sin Chum was among the 19 delegates from Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean) that observed the Malaysian election over the last two days, after the first-ever invite for international observers by the Election Commission (EC).

-Indonesian Election Commission chief Husni Kamil Manik said the EC’s move to give observers more room improved the quality of the election.

-Asean Secretariat (Cross-Sectoral Cooperation) director Larry Maramis said the delegates were honored to have been chosen, adding that it gave them an opportunity to exchange ideas and views on best practices on election processes.

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