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Tulisan menghina Sultan Selangor

Artikel menghina Sultan Selangor disini. Blog itu menulis begini:

If the Sultan does go in to bat for the Barisan Nasional over this appointment of the State Secretary, then I think he will be opening himself up to a number of issues.

His personal life for one. Let me get more to the point – this Sultan, who is the head of Islam in his state - f**ks around with girls in and around Kuala Lumpur. You f**k around with the appointment of the State Secretary, we f**k around with your f**king around.

We can start with that non-Malay girlfriend of yours that have served as your regular f**k for a good number of years. You might think it all good fun and it really is until you realize that the Internet will tell what the newspaper will not! So tread carefully and think what it is that you are doing.

Go on living your useless life paid for by the people’s money and leave politics well alone. Interfere with politics then you and your brother Sultans might see the end of your reign as the Maharajahs in India have seen the end of theirs sooner then you think.


Berasaskan penghinaan ini-Datuk Hishamuddin dan Datuk Rais Yatim tidak boleh lagi berpangkuh tangan.

Tulisan ini adalah satu penghinaan kepada institusi raja negara. Tulisan ini mempunyai unsur provokasi dan membawa rakyat menghina dan hilang kepercayaan kepada raja-raja melayu.

Pihak polis atau yang berwajib perlu bertindak!!

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