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Amalilio Manuel Karingal dikehendaki Interpol


Present family name : AMALILIO
Sex : Male
Date of birth : 18/08/1965 (47 years old)
Place of birth : Tarlac , Philippines
Language spoken : 
Nationality : Philippines

Categories of Offences : Fraud
Wanted by : Philippines, | Philippines,


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Aman 'brains' a Malaysian with PH passport

BELIEVE it or not a 47-year-old Malaysian national tagged as the “brains” behind the multi-billion Aman Futures Trading scam and regarded as a “God-like figure” in Pagadian City managed to get government clearances including a National Bureau of Investigation clearance that enabled him to acquire a Philippine passport.

Records provided to the Journal Group showed that the suspect who is now in Malaysia was issued a clearance by the NBI headquarters in Manila under the name Manuel Karingal Amalilio raising the eyebrows of investigators and prompting calls for the Department of Justice to investigate the matter.

The NBI clearance which showed Amalilio’s date of birth as August 18, 1965 and place of birth as Tarlac, Tarlac was issued on Aug. 18 for travel purpose. 

The NBI certified that Amalilio whose given address is Gov. Camis Avenue, Zamboanga City has no criminal record on file, the same reason why Philippine National Police investigators did not move to arrest him due to lack of criminal complaints and a warrant of arrest since they startedinvestigating the anomaly middle of this year.

The suspect who is married to a Filipina Abegail Concellado Pendulas was also issued a birth certificate by the National Statistics Office showing he was born in Tarlac, Tarlac.

Highly-reliable sources said a group of angry Muslim investors managed to track down and accost Amarillo in Sabah, Malaysia this month. “We got the information that a Maranao group invoking citizen’s arrest apprehended Amalilio but were forced to free him when Amalilio’s security men came to his aid,” a police official involved in the investigation of the Aman scam said.

He said that they got the information that the Maranaos who ganged up on Amalilio were themselves beaten by the latter’s bodyguards and are now facing criminal charges in Sabah.

The official who demanded anonymity since he is not allowed to speak on the matter said they have received unverified information that Amalilio is an alleged “relative” of a Malaysian Cabinet minister. 

A number of powerful Mindanao politicians have been linked directly or indirectly to the scam perpetrated by the Aman Group as well as the group of Jachob “Coco” Rasuman, the man who set up the Rasuman financial scheme which also collapsed just like Aman’s.

Another, Lanao del Sur Gov. Mamintal Adiong, Jr. and his provincial crisis committee is said to have allegedly decided to invest some Php150 million they got from Rasuman to the Aman Group in Pagadian City thinking that the money would grow enough to pay thousands of investors in their province.

Another police official said the Maranao traders who went after Amarillo in Sabah are among the Lanao del Sur residents who placed their money with the Aman Group and decided to go after Amarillo after discovering the hoax.

Amalilio was also associated with Pagadian City Mayor Samuel Co and the influential Jalosjos family. Although Mayor Co is still being considered by the DOJ as a “victim” of the alleged Php12 billion scam, police officials said they have received information that Co allegedly issued personal checks as payment to some Pagadian City investors after receiving check payments from the Aman Group. 

“We got the information that to earn money, the mayor allegedly issued discounted personal checks to some of the investors instead of directly paying them with the money from the Aman checks deposited in his accounts,” the official said.

Although he issued a permit to the Aman Group, Mayor Co denied any involvement in the anomaly and vowed to fully cooperate with government investigators.

Journal Group sources said they are also investigating reports that Rasuman was “forced” to return the investments of hundreds of soldiers and policemen in Lanao del Sur who managed to get hold of him before the anomaly was blown up by the media. The group of Gov. Adiong later got hold of the suspect and his remaining money which they allegedly decided to invest in the Aman Group.

The trouble is that the Lanao del Sur residents who invested their money with the Rasuman Group were given post-dated checks with Feb. 2013 due dates.

“That’s the real trouble. The Lanao del Sur investors were given checks due in February next year. Right now, they are silent but if they won’t get their money in February, that will be a big trouble as we have received information that many of them have threatened to take the law into their own hands just like the ones who went to Sabah to get Amalilio,” one official said.

The serious security threat has prompted the PNP chief headed by Director General Nicanor A. Bartolome to institute all appropriate measures to see to it that the law will prevail in the area. Strict security checks have been implemented in the affected areas to arrest the presence of illegal guns and other weapons and even potential troublemakers, said Police Regional Office 9 director Chief Supt. Napoleon R. Estilles.

Lanao del Sur Police Provincial Office director, Senior Supt. Romeo Magsalos confirmed the report saying that local residents who invested and lost their precious money to Rasuman and eventually, the Aman Group are indeed getting restive. Magsalos said they are looking at a possible “civil disobedience” if Rasuman will renege on his promise.

An Aman broker identified as Anwar Zainal was also abducted and executed by unidentified armed men in Barangay Balucot, Tambulig, Zamboanga del Sur on Nov. 13.

Pagadian City authorities said they have recorded four incidents of alleged arson involving a residential house, a van and two cars belonging to the controversial firm’s finance managers.

Zamboanga del Sur Police Provincial Office director Senior Supt. Romeo Uy also expressed fear over the situation in Pagadian where he feared that the presence of thousands of angry losing investors could lead to a serious public security problem.

But just the same, Uy said he has ordered his men to post public notices from the Department of Trade and Industry, the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas and the Securities and Exchange Commission warning the public to be wary of “double-your-money” scams like that of Aman Group and Rasuman’s. He also told the complainants to formally file charges against the suspects. sumber:

Setiausaha Dalam Negeri Filipina, Mar Roxas telah mendakwa bahawa Ketua Menteri Sabah, Datuk Musa Aman telah menyekat penghantaran pulang orang yang paling dikehendaki di negara itu.

Manuel Karingal Amalilio (kiri) - individu yang dikehendaki polis Filipina kerana didakwa menipu lebih 15,000 orang, membabitkan 12 bilion peso (RM895 juta) - dikatakan anak saudara Musa tetapi polis Malaysia telah menafikannya.

Menurut laporan yang disiarkan dalam - lamanweb berita konglomerat media Filipina ABS-CBN Jumaat lepas - Roxas memberitahu sebuah saluran TV tempatan bahawa Musa  telah menyekat ejen Biro Penyiasatan Nasional (NBI) daripada membawa Amalillo kembali ke Filipina.

"Tidak jelas mengapa pihak berkuasa Malaysia menyekat Amalilio daripada berlepas," Roxas dipetik sebagai berkata.

Beliau menambah bahawa pegawai penguatkuasa Filipina telah membawa semua dokumen yang diperlukan bersama mereka, termasuk sijil kelahiran dan pasport Filipina Amalilio, untuk membuktikan suspek penipuan itu adalah warganegara Filipina.

"Kami mempunyai dokumentasi lengkap Amalilio sebagai Filipina," kata Roxas (kanan).

Amalilio, yang memiliki Futures Group, dilaporkan mendakwa sebagai warganegara Malaysia dan menggunakan nama alias Mohammad Suffian Saaid.

Roxas berkata itu mungkin menjadi punca konflik tersebut.

Menurut laporan berita itu, Amalilio ditangkap oleh polis imigresen Malaysia pada 22 Januari kerana menggunakan pasport Malaysia dan kad pengenalan palsu.

Roxas berkata, Jabatan Hal Ehwal Luar, khususnya duta ke Malaysia, Ed Malay, sedang berusaha keras untuk membawa Amalilio pulang ke negara itu untuk menghadapi beberapa tuduhan terhadapnya. Deportasi disekat pada saat akhir

Sementara itu, Setiausaha Keadilan Filipina, Leila de Lima memberitahu media bahawa Filipina telah melakukan segala-galanya untuk membawa balik Amalilio, kerana semua dokumen suspek penipuan itu lengkap dan disahkan.

Akhbar harian Filipina, The Philippine Star juga memetik De Lima (kiri) sebagai berkata bahawa pegawai Malaysia - seorang daripadanya dikenalpasti olehnya sebagai Musa - telah campurtangan dan menyekat deportasi Amalilio Khamis lepas.

"Penerbangan (Amalilio) telah disekat oleh seorang pesuruhjaya polis Malaysia atas arahan pihak atasan." Sumber:

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