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MH370: Meski Berakhir Di Lautan Hindi- Tapi Kehilangannya Masih Misteri

Meskipun kehilangan pesawat Malaysia B777-200ER MH370 sudah dinyatakan berakhir di Lautan Hindi 1,500 batu barat laut Perth, Australia, namun sehingga kini belum ditemukan sebarang bukti bahawa pesawat malang itu terhempas di kawasan itu. Objek yang dikesan satellite samada satellite Australia, China dan France belum ditemui. Clue yang mendekati adalah dua objek yang berjaya dikesan pesawat tentera Australia yang satu berbentuk bulat dan yang satu lagi berbentuk empat segi. Selain itu, pallet kayu yang bersama tali berwarna. Namun, mencari objek-objek itu terpaksa dihentikan buat sementara waktu, atas sebab keadaan cuaca tidak mengizinkan di kawasan pencarian.

Sebelah selatan, pada masa ini akan berhadapan musim sejuk, dan kekurangan cahaya matahari, menambah lagi kesukaran mencari objek-objek tersebut.

Membuktikan bahawa pesawat malang MH370 memang terhempas di selatan, selain menemui serpihan pesawat itu, juga penemuan kotak hitam (black boxes) merupakan sesuatu yang amat diperlukan, bagi mengesahkan bahawa pesawat malang itu benar-benar MH370.

Jika tiada sebarang bukti yang boleh dihubungkan dengan pesawat malang itu, maka kehilangan pesawat itu, masih dianggap misteri.

Fakta yang digunapakai bahawa kehilangan pesawat malang itu berakhir di Lautan Hindi, ikuti laporannya seperti berikut.

Berikut adalah penjelasan Mengapa PM Malaysia mengumumkan kehilangan MH370 berakhir di Lautan Hindi, 1,500 batu barat laut Perth, Australia.

The 19th century formula that found MH370

Britain's Inmarsat used a wave phenomenon discovered in the 19th century to analyze the seven pings its satellite picked up from Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 to determine its final destination.

The new findings led Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak to conclude on Monday that the Boeing 777, which disappeared more than two weeks ago, crashed thousands of miles away in the southern Indian Ocean, killing all 239 people on board.

The pings, automatically transmitted every hour from the aircraft after the rest of its communications systems had stopped, indicated it continued flying for hours after it disappeared from its flight path from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing.Inmarsat's scientists then interrogated the faint pings using a technique based on the Doppler effect, which describes how a wave changes frequency relative to the movement of an observer, in this case the satellite, a spokesman said.

The Doppler effect is why the sound of a police car siren changes as it approaches and then overtakes an observer.

Britain's Air Accidents Investigation Branch was also involved in the analysis.

"We then took the data we had from the aircraft and plotted it against the two tracks, and it came out as following the southern track," Jonathan Sinnatt, head of corporate communications at Inmarsat, said.

The company then compared its theoretical flight path with data received from Boeing 777s it knew had flown the same route, he said, and it matched exactly.

The findings were passed to another satellite company to check, he said, before being released to investigators on Monday.

The paucity of data - only faint pings received by a single satellite every hour or so - meant techniques like triangulation using a number of satellites or GPS (Global Positioning System) could not be used to determine the aircraft's flight path.How the report featured on the front page of major UK newspaper, The Daily Telegraph.

Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak on Monday revealed that analysis "never before used in an investigation of this sort" had shown the Malaysian airliner had crashed into the southern Indian Ocean.

That analysis was undertaken by mobile communications company Inmarsat, which provides satellite data for Malaysia Airlines.

Even though the plane's transponder and ACARS system were turned off, the company's box on the Boeing 777 - equivalent to a mobile phone handset - stayed on and was polled every hour by Inmarsat's satellite.

The British company initially looked at the amount of time these handshake pings took to travel from the plane to its satellite 22,000 miles above the equator to determine the aircraft was moving along either a north or south corridor.

It passed on that discovery on March 11.

But space scientists continued to refine the model looking at the so-called doppler effect.

That's the way radio waves contract and expand as they are going to and from the satellite.

"They've tested it off against a number of other aircraft known flights and come to the conclusion that only the southern route was possible," Inmarsat senior vice president Chris McLaughlin told Sky News on Monday.

"We refined that with the signals we got from other (777) aircraft and that then gives you a very, very good fit.

"Previous aircraft provided a pattern and that pattern to the south is virtually what we got in our suggested estimates.

"So the fit is very, very strong."

Mr McLaughlin said the company was relying on a 1990s satellite over the Indian Ocean that wasn't GPS equipped.

But scientists could work out the approximate direction of travel "plus or minus 100 miles to a track line".

"All we can do is to say we believe it is in this general location.

"We can not give you the final few feet and inches of where it landed. It's just not that sort of system."

While the company was able to work out where the last ping was sent from, the aircraft likely still had some fuel remaining.

But it would have run out before the next automated handshake.

Inmarsat has been appointed a technical advisor to the UK Air Accident Investigation Branch.

It passed on the new analysis after it was peer-reviewed by other experts in the UK space industry and compared with Boeing.

Mr McLaughlin said systems that kept track of a plane's precise location should be mandated world-wide "and it could be delivered tomorrow". sumber

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Anonymous said...

Sikit2 rujuk Inmarsat.. itu shj ke justifikasi negara dlm hasilkan ending tragedi ini?
Sampai ada yg histeria sbb sifat manusia bila tiada bukti dan logik.. emosi takkan boleh dikawal. Lainlah mereka dibawa melihat bangkai/cebisan/ serpihan pakaian penumpang yg benar (bukan rekaan CIA-Amerika)atau kotak hitam sebenar (bukan clone oleh pihak CIA-Amerika). Itupun kotak hitam boleh hanya merakam 2 jam terakhir..bukan seluruh epissod malang ini..

Yang paling sah ialah jika cebisan mayat dijumpai disahkan DNA atau salah satu pakaian penumpang dr beg yg dicam oleh waris.. lain dr itu karut belaka.. jumpa pellet kayu PM dh terus buat ending story mcm semalam?

Sepatutnya PM kena letak level pengumuman kepada KETIDAK PASTIAN bukan sperti semalam yg seperti mengesahkan tp tiada objek untuk disahkan melainkan kiraan matematik untuk anggarkan trajektori akhir MH370..

ini masalah Najib.. suka pakai konsultan..lantik pulak konsultan kroni Amerika-CIA.. macam mana nk tahu ia sah bukan buatan?
Sepatutnya negara China dilibatkan sepenuhnya dlm siasatan ini supaya Amerika tidak boleh menipu.. jika Amerika dan Sekutunya kita boleh bg data maklumat penuh.. kenapa dgn China kita rahsiakan sedangkan separuh dr penumpang penting dlm MH370 ialah rakyatnya??

skrg ni apa ending sebenar??

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