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MH370: Masih Lagi Misteri

Doppler Effect: Julung kali digunakan menentukan keputusan SAR

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Anonymous said...

Si FBI/CIA/Pentagon-MI6-NATO (Barat) (yg. sebenaqnya sudah dikuasai puak SYAITAN Illuminati Mossad-Israel/ZIONIS) dan ejen tempatannya dr. PENGGANAS Red Bean serta PELIWATPEMBANGKANGSONGSANG, memangnya tak habis-habis nak mengalih perhatian dari DIEGO GARCIA di tengah Lautan Hindi!
Dan pi MAMPOSlah si DALANG-DUA-MUKA White House-ZIONIS itu - lihat di, Repost: Obama’s Sodomite Past Comes Back To Haunt Him, By Wayne Madsen on January 8, 2012 (kalau berita ini tak benar, tentu Obama dan geng Gay Illuminati ZIONISnya yg. ramai dlm rejim Amerika, dah SAMAN)!
Dan apa maknanya Illuminati ini - lihat di , Rothschild sponsored Zionism, World Banking Control, and Israel, by Bill Woollam ; , The Order of Skull and Bone; , The Order of the Illuminati: Its Origins, Its Methods and Its Influence on the World Events, Dec 12th, 2012; dan , IIlluminati Satanism [Documentary] About Satanic Rituals, EYEOFILLUMINATI2012.....

Lihat berita terbaru tentang MH370 di
Flight 370 The CIA Hoax
Tue Mar 25, 2014 4:20AM GMT

By Gordon Duff : Gordon Duff is a Marine Vietnam veteran, a combat infantryman, and Senior Editor at Veterans Today. ….

Today we are told that the fate of Flight 370 is known, not yet identified debris has been spotted in what is called “the Southern Indian Ocean,” perhaps more appropriately described as “north of Antarctica.”

We also know that the 777/200 is a “fly by wire” aircraft with controls in place that allow the CIA to remotely pilot the plan “in case of emergency.” We were able to verify the design and implementation of this system through Boeing, Raytheon and commercial pilots…….


When Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 was reported as having crashed in the South China Sea, a massive cover up began yet no one will speak of it, nothing is written of it and its broad consequences are a subject of no investigation.

While people around the world were told the plane was “lost” or “crashed,” it was being monitored by NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command) and its regional defense partners through secret systems installed in the plane.

In 2006, Boeing announced the following, from a John Croft article in Flight Global:
Boeing last week received a US patent for a system that, once activated, removes all controls from pilots to automatically return a commercial airliner to a predetermined landing location.
The "uninterruptible" autopilot would be activated - either by pilots, by onboard sensors or even remotely via radio or satellite links by government agencies like the Central Intelligence Agency, if terrorists attempt to gain control of a flight deck.

Boeing says: "We are constantly studying ways we can enhance the safety, security and efficiency of the world's airline fleet."…..
Sources claim the plane landed on Diego Garcia, was refueled, dead passengers “disembarked” and was moved elsewhere?....

Makcik Sambal Belacan – PERTAHAN Islam dan umatnya, Raja-Raja Melayu/PM-TPM/UMNO/Bahasa Melayu, hak BUMIPUTERA Melayu dan BUMIPUTERA lain; dan hak orang miskin dari semua bangsa yang hormat Islam, dan bangsa dan hak Bumiputera (Bumiputera juga bermakna Pribumi/Orang Asal-Asli/Indigenous/Native/Aboriginal/First Nation).

Anonymous said...

Ada berita yang kata klon pesawat Mas 777-200 telah dinampak di Tel Aviv dengan logo MAS semenjak 21-10-2013.


Anonymous said...

Baca cerita dilink dibawah ini ada kaitan dengan pesawat di Hell Aviv. Saya yakin pesawat yang dikatakan menuju ke lautan hindi adalah pesawat di Hell Aviv and MH370 kini berada diDiego Gracia

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